Dr O’Neill has extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of both benign breast disease and breast cancer.

Most women with breast cancer require some type of surgery. This can include breast-conserving surgery, mastectomy, sentinel node biopsy or removal of axillary lymph nodes (under the armpit). Dr O’Neill has experience in the use of intra-operative ultrasound to assist with breast-conserving surgery. She incorporates oncoplastic breast surgery techniques for breast conservation surgery. Where mastectomy is required, Dr O’Neill can facilitate immediate or delayed breast reconstruction in conjunction with a plastic surgeon.

Patients with breast cancer are now managed by a team of specialist doctors and nurses. Dr O’Neill will facilitate referrals to other specialists as appropriate including medical and radiation oncologists, physiotherapists, nurses and psychologists. Dr O’Neill as a member of the Newcastle Breast Multidisciplinary team and treats both public and private patients with breast cancer. Urgent appointments are available.

Below are listed some websites with information on benign breast disease, screening for breast cancer and breast cancer: